Over 13 years of filming and editing experience


When and how did I start filming?

Film and video is part of my life. I have been doing video editing over 14 years, since 2001. Why do I love editing? It is a long story. When I was 13 years old. Year 1998. I went to US with my family for holiday. And we went to so many places in there. Why do I still remember it? Because my dad loves to take the camera every time when we go traveling. And I remember my dad was using a (Hi-8) video camera. When we arrived to US, my dad found out it is pretty hard to find a Hi8 video camera tape to buy. So we only used one tape during the trip. After that, we all back to Hong Kong and we watched the video together. I was very enjoy what my dad took in the camera. And because we did not have enough tape. So all the places we went was pretty short. But it didn't make me feel bored at all when watching it afterwords. My sister and I were watching the video that we shot in the U.S. almost every weekends.  Then from that time, I started to get interest with video shooting...

Education Degrees

I graduated at Edith Cowan University in 2009 (Major in film and video Creative Industry), then I finished my Master degree in 2011 at WA Screen Academy (Screen Studies). 


I won Best Animation Award (Stop Motion Animation) in 2008, then I won another Award in WA Screen Academy 2010 (Outstanding Editor)


Why do you like video?

I think because video gives me more memory compare with picture. Not that I don't like taking photos. I do have more than 10 cameras with me. I always have a camera with me when I go out. But whenever its something important. Video is always my first priority. That is also a reason why I have done so many travelling videos. Since 1999, I started to take over my dad's job to film the family video. I still remember my first travel was really bad. I didn't even want to watch it again. Then after 14 years of training. I can now always upload it online and share to everyone. 

Why do you like to shoot video on DSLR?

Since 2008, Canon 5D Mark II changed the world of shooting video. Why? Some say it doesn't have autofocus in video mode, and camera stops in 12 mins, no timecode, no audio level, no focus peaking. Its totally wrong for video shooting. But the good covers all the bad. It has the amazing full framer sensor, which is awesome for low light shooting. The build in codec plus strong "depth of field" which you will never get it from any camcorders. Also fast primes make the shoot more cinematic. 

Steve Chan, Hong Kong, Perth Australia