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歐洲之旅 "THE UNEXPECTED DREAM" 係一個2011年DSI Pictures的重頭Project。而今次也是Steve Chan的剪接生涯上十周年紀念。在這10年內他已經剪接超過25個旅遊作品。而今次作品繼上次2006年"日本再3疏乎新感受"後再次製作兩個版本。分別有 "THE UNEXPECTED DREAM感受篇"及 "THE UNEXPECTED DREAM精選篇",精選篇是一個簡單20分鐘Quick版本,而感受篇是一個超過一小時多的製作。



The Europe trip "THE UNEXPECTED DREAM" is one of the best DSI Pictures Project in 2011. And this will be Steve's 10 years editing anniversary special project. In the past 10 years, he has made over 25 of the travel video projects.

This Europe trip will also be doing two different versions as "Coloring Japan 2006"  "THE UNEXPECTED DREAM SHORT QUICK VERSION" and "THE UNEXPECTED DREAM RELAXING VERSION". The short quick version is going to be 20mins and the longer version is about an hour.  

This Europe trip has been shot with DSLR. So it strongly represents the "Depth of Field". During the sound recording, it has been used with the wind screen protection Mic and wireless mic. So it made the sound quality a lot better.

Both versions of "THE UNEXPECTED DREAM" will be first released in end of the year.

DSI Pictures Entertainment 2011

Directed by Steve Chan

Filmed and edited by Steve Chan

Shot it on Canon EOS 7D