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星の旅是繼1995年之後的一個全新星加坡旅遊節目,而1995年的星加坡之旅跟20­11年的星の旅將會是一個非常不同的節目。例如旅遊地點(全新環球影城)及星加坡美食­(海南雞)。而今次在拍攝過程, DSI Pictures首次使用DSLR來拍攝。所以在影片上能夠呈現出最凸出的景深校果。 

"Sing" is a brand new series after "Singapore 1995", it has been 16 years! Both of the series has become so much different. Specially in the location. (New Universal Studio) and (Hainanese Chicken Rice). And in this trip, DSI Pictures is the first time using DSLR to film. So in the video you can strongly see the "Field of View". This "Sing" is coming in Summer. 

Shot by Canon EOS 7D
Filmed by Steve Chan
Edited by Steve Chan